Top 10 Martial Arts & MMA Sites & Retailers for June 2017
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Best Offer is one of the leading retailers of mixed martial arts around the globe. They have the largest selection of over 100,000 products which are in stock and offers same day shipment if placed on or before 4pm EST. is also offering a 115% low price guarantee which allow t... read more >
Worldwide Sport Supply sells sports equipment and apparel. You can buy sports apparel without worry. They allow you to exchange clothing if you did not get the right size without having to pay shipping charges or restocking fees. Worldwide Sport Supply sells name brand products including Adidas, Und... read more >
Karate Joes is the largest online supplier of karate equipment,clothing and martial arts weapons. You can order anything and everything connected to martial arts from this website ranging from traditional martial arts clothing and equipment to swords and weapons,footwear,sparring gear sets and... read more >
GSP Rushfit is UFC athlete Georges St-Pierre's publicly sold workout training program which combines cardiovascular, endurance, strength and flexibility exercises as well as lessons in nutrition.  It was created for men and women who have the intention of getting fit, losing weight, stren... read more >
The Martialarm is essentially an online blog which educates individuals on the art of martial arts. It invites people to the Philippines to learn the craft, effort, dedication and skill required to master this art. The blog contains videos are present to give a physical demonstration. It also mainta... read more >
Martial Arts & MMA Q&A Threads
Hello Mr Singh, I have recently read your article regarding Martial Races. I have come to accept the fact that Martial Races do exist as they have been stated in Vedic texts. My question is regarding the second last sentence you wrote. "After all the LTTE fought desperately with suicide bombers agai...
Asked by Tharusha Liyanage 35 months ago in | 0 answers
In Kickboxing, it’s important it is to utilize your hands as well as your legs. Like anything in life, balance is key. This is no different for Kickboxing. If you use just one or the other, you will be too predictable and not as effective.There are two main reasons that you should use add or i...
Asked by Kevin Hall 36 months ago in | 0 answers
Last answer by Michael Vignali 46 months ago: Anderson Silva is by far more popular than Randy Couture. Randy Couture was in the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) in the earlier years when the sport was not as popular as it is today. Anderson Silva however, is well known around the world; many people consider him the best pound-for-pound fig... read more
Asked by akash biswa 46 months ago in | 1 answers
Last answer by Spunk Fight Gear 46 months ago: There a lot of brands out there in the market. Which brand you want to choose depends upon your requirement. Have a look MMA Fight Gear offered by Spunk, suitable for all levels regardless of what you are, an amature, trainee or professional read more
Asked by John Paul V 51 months ago in | 1 answers
Last answer by William J. Felchner 53 months ago: Proper nutrition is essential in any athletic endeavor, including martial arts training. Here's a helpful book on the subject: Martial Arts Nutrition: A Precision Guide to Fueling Your Fighting Edge by Teri Tom (Tuttle Publishing, 2009).  I can tell you that one big meal would not be enough to... read more
Asked by calos burbinis 53 months ago in | 1 answers
Last answer by William J. Felchner 54 months ago: My all-time favorite boxer is Sugar Ray Leonard (1956-). Possessed of a choir boy face and the toughness of a Roman gladiator, Sugar Ray Leonard won world boxing titles in five different weight divisions. Leonard was, pound for pound, one of the finest boxers ever to grace the square circle. His fig... read more
Asked by LOVE WOMAN 54 months ago in | 3 answers